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Flip Kit

Interested in switching your accounts to First Federal Community Bank, but not sure how to get started?

First Federal Community Bank Flip Kit is a step-by-step checklist to help make your transition to a new First Federal Community Bank account quick and easy. Just follow the simple steps to get started.

Step 1

Open an account in a branch.

  • Use the Hours and Locations page on our Website to locate First Federal Community Bank branch closest to you.

Step 2

Sign up for E-Banking.

  • 24-hour account access of all your real-time account activity and current statements. Schedule transfers between savings and checking accounts.

Step 3

Stop using your former account and begin using your First Federal Community Bank account.

  • Be sure to leave sufficient funds in your former account until all of your checks have cleared and anyautomatic withdrawals have been successfully transferred to First Federal Community Bank.

Step 4

Change your Direct Deposits to First Federal Community Bank.

  • Use our attached Direct Deposit Authorization Change Form to change any direct deposits. Remember to attach a voided First Federal Community Bank check to this form.

Step 5

Change your Automatic Payments or Withdrawals to First Federal Community Bank.

  • Use our attached Automatic Payment or Withdrawal Authorization Change Form.

Step 6

Close your former account at the other institution.

  • Use the attached Account Closing Request Form to close your account at the other banking institution.
  • Once you close your account at the other institution, remember to shred or destroy any old checks for security purposes.

Get Started

Download Flip Kit Forms

If you need any assistance throughout the transition, please call any of our branch locations or our Customer Service at 414.475.1690. Thank you for choosing First Federal Community Bank!

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