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Business Other Services

Learn about easy and convenient options to manage your business’s money

Business eBanking 

Access all you accounts online anytime.  Transfer Funds, view check images, originate ACH transactions including direct deposit of payroll checks, initiate wire transfers, pay bills, make tax payments, request stop payments, reconciles your account and more!  

Positive Pay & Account Reconciliation 

A solution to combat fraud.  We only process what you tell us to, so fraudulent checks can be reviewed and rejected, as millions of transactions are clearing through payment systems each day and business don’t have time or the resources to inspect each one.  

Account Analysis 

Reviewing a business deposit statement and identifying options for enhancing products that best fits your business model.  

ACH & Payroll Services 

Allows any business customer the ability to originate electronic transactions to and from any bank nationwide, whether they be direct deposit of payroll checks, direct payment of recurring obligations, and transferring funds between accounts at various financial instructions making Federal or State Tax payments. 

Business Debit Cards 

Works like a check! Purchases are automatically deducted from your FFCB business checking account and when you receive your monthly statement, the purchases(s) will be listed in detail, including the last four digits of the card number and merchant’s name.    

Business Credit Cards 

A Business Credit Card is a great way to manage and track your business expenses. We partner with United Bankers’ Bank to offer multiple options so you can choose the Business Credit Card to best meet the needs of your business. 

Safety Deposit Boxes 

A place to safeguard key business documents. 

Night Deposit 

For those busy customers who are unable to make it to the bank during normal business hours, we have a night depository for your convenience. Currently, the locations equipped with such are the Main Office, East Branch, New Washington Branch, Crestline Branch, and Marysville Banking Center. 

Quicken / Quickbooks 

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Direct Connect Conversion

Web Connect Conversion


Direct Connect Conversion

Web Connect Conversion

Quicken/Quickbooks Customer Support

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For bank customers new to Quicken/Quickbooks – Getting Started Guides:

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